In small village called Rajkovac, under the gnetle slopes of mountain Kosmaj, you will find the Pantić family winery. The inspiration to create it was their commitment to preserve family heritage, reclaim the lost wisdom of ancestors and the tradition of regional vineyards.

On the gentle green slopes of Kosmaj, vine making has been tradicion since the ancient roman times. The mountain Kosmaj was named after ancient latin expression “CASA MAICA”, which means “The home of Maia, the mother of nature”. This name suits it well – this lush mountain is full of life and greenery. Since those ancient times, the tradition of wine making has been interrupted several times, but always rebourn again.

In the same way, Pantić family has decided to bring back the ancestors’ knowledge and started to grow vine in the heart of dubonsko area, which is a part of belgrade vineyard region.

But let’s not get carred away with our long story, let’s enjoy our fine wine and all the joys it brings.



This wine was born from the combination of Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Franc (20%). Bouquet brings you scents of vanilla and forest fruit compote, while the taste will also remind you of fruits, prunes and full bodied jam-like texture. This wine lovely compliments red meat and game, as well as meat dishes with blue cheese sauce.